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Group Sound Healing & Yoga

Yinside Yoga & Sound Healing

4 week course starting March 1st - Limited Availability


Using a wonderful combination of Intuitive Sound Healing and Yin Yoga, Melanie & Stella will help you reconnect with your body, calm your mind and restore balance to leave you feeling revived.

Stella completed her comprehensive 500hr yoga teacher training with Ciara Cronin in Ireland and with Mathieu Boldron in Sri Lanka. During that time, she found her love for yin yoga and studied it to great extent with Annie Au, Grace Tempany and Josh Summers. Yin yoga is hugely beneficial for our bodies as it releases the fascia around our muscles and bones, keeps it supple and pliable and thus helping us to maintain mobility and avoid injury. Also, this calming practice blends in perfectly with Melanie’s sound bath so you can enjoy a hugely relaxing and rejuvenating experience for body and mind.

Goup Sound Healing

Next Session Thursday 7th March, 12 noon - Limited Availability

A Sound Healing session will help you to feel relaxed and restored by anchoring you in the present moment, allowing you to tune in to your body. Carefuly chosen Sound Healing Instruments will lull you into a meditative state and facilitate a transformation from within.

Special 2 hour Yinside Yoga & Sound Healing

Next sessions: 

Mother's Day 10th March - Heart opening 

Bank Holiday 18th March - Stress relief

Easter Monday 31st March - Back tension relief

A special morning of Yin Yoga, Sound Healing and Yoga Nidra to calm your nervous system, restore balance and leave you feeling deeply replenished.


Intensify the therapeutic outcomes by opting for Acupuncture during the relaxing sound bath.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea and a nutritious snack afterwards. 

More info on these 2 hour specials on home page.

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